This is the Light Army. You're not here by accident and someone you respect and trust mentioned this movement and invited you here. Whatever stars aligned for you to cross this path, welcome. 

What is the Light Army?

The Light Army is a community of hungry souls dedicated to win the battles between their thoughts and emotions preventing them from creating their soul's desires.

If you are ready to join a revolution of entrepreneurs and truth seekers committed to assassinating impulsive thoughts, destroying disempowering feelings, and showing up as the soul in control, you'll fit right in. 

This is not another self-help club filled with cute ideas and regurgitated theories to think about. This is a tribe of leaders supported by tactical guidance and accountability that will allow you to find more money, love, and purpose naturally and sustainably.

If you want to know what it's like to live with a soul on fire, let's go...

As an entrepreneur, business owner, and especially if you're married with children...

You already know how important yet difficult it is to keep high levels of energy, stay focused, and maintain emotional control.



Whether we like it or not, society is cultivating cyber puppets, ultimately dulling our power and purpose.

By surrounding yourself with other highly accountable people you can find the support and guidance to destroy your mental battles, stop emotional resistance, and become the Soul in Control

We accomplish this by giving real specialized training, tested and proven solutions lived daily by other Souldiers in our community, and most importantly... our super power is accountability. 

No more learn it just to burn it. We hold you accountable to your outcomes, offer hot seat coaching, provide access to a vault of all courses and trainings, debrief weekly so your targets are met, and increase your proximity to other high level experts who join us live monthly in the field that are committed to winning this war together. 

Thank you for showing up. The next step starts with you. You can't win if you don't move. We are unified. 

Shine On!

Rayla Marie Wilson

Hey! I'm Rayla. Co-founder of Souldiers Global and Infinite Light Group. I'm a dedicated mother, wife, and passionate enthusiast in the entrepreneurial space. My passion is using self mastery and modern spirituality to guide people in finding the confidence and certainty to naturally create more joy and abundance. As an aspiring officer and pilot in the AFROTC while getting my Bachelor's degree in Business/Entrepreneurship, I discovered my calling as a teacher of spiritual teachers with a focus on raising the collective coherence and frequency through bringing the light out in others. This is done through supporting the deep inner practice within the Light Army guided and facilitated by Jaramy Eugene Wilson, an expert in this field, and our team of accountability experts.   


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Jaramy Eugene Wilson is a well-known business advisor, human behavior and self-mastery expert, and soul scientist. He has extensively studied and worked as a coach and mentor for 20 years, mentoring and advising thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders ranging from Fortune 100 companies, pro-athletes and celebrities, to CEOs and executive leaders.

He has scaled multiple companies. Jaramy is the co-founder of Souldiers Global and Infinite Light Group, leads the Light Army movement, as well as operates a high authority positioning and publishing company that helps experts create best selling books, courses, and mastermind communities.

Although his business acumen is still his zone of excellence, he is now most known for his mastery and pioneering pursuits in soul sciences and accessing personal power. He has invested significantly, both financially and with time, to work with mentors and experts in business, self-development, human behavior, and the conditions of decision making. His focus of study has been on what ultimately makes us human. He is certified in Your Soul Contract Decoded by Nicolas David Ngan and has combined modalities such as influence, persuasion, business, breakthrough, self-mastery, shadow work, consciousness, and self-awareness to provide a universal system that is accessible to anybody. He gives specialized training on this at the Soul GPS live events.

“Soul science is a combination of the existing sciences surrounding consciousness – David Hawkins and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s also modern brain science, combined with esoteric studies such as astrology and numerology,” explains Wilson. “I’ve also spent about 22 years of my life obsessed with the study of our electrical voltage. The energy we transfer and exchange has influence over all of our lives – our finances, relationships, fulfillment, satisfaction, and purpose.” 

“I am able to see how they think, feel, and act. I can sense the thoughts in their head and understand what drives their behavior, their decisions, how they process and transfer energy, and how they communicate. The unique model I create for each person allows me to offer advice that is so laser-focused and specific, that it sometimes freaks people out. They feel like I’m psychic or hired private investigators to know these things about them."

“An entrepreneur is a person who solves problems at scale,” explains Wilson. “I don’t believe politics or the government will ever liberate humanity from its core problems. I believe it’s our self-awareness. Spreading that awareness amongst the populace is the true bridge to independence where we can all count on each other. For the most part, people have generated a belief that humans are greedy, selfish, and only care about themselves. That’s not true. Human beings, by nature, are giving, social beings who want to help one another. So I truly believe that people will transfer the power back to the people. It’ll never be a governing party. And it will mostly be entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are creating the new world.”  

Working with Jaramy Eugene Wilson is a life-changing experience. As a coach and mentor, he has transformed the lives of those who have entrusted him. His passion for change, progress and growth is infectious. His ability to understand consciousness and self-mastery, and identify the specific needs of each individual he encounters make him a sought after, elite mentor and coach.

To follow more of the Light Army movement and message find Jaramy on Instagram

@lightarmyofficial   877-SOUL-OUT

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Meet the Light Army Leadership & Coaches Team

"It is time you realized that you have something in you more powerful and miraculous than the things that affect you and make you dance like a puppet."

- Marcus Aurelius

Paul Michael Raspa, Jr.

Paul is a serial entrepreneur and coach with expertise in executive leadership, business operations, and technology management. He is known for creating order and efficiency in seemingly chaotic and complex projects while empowering people to level up and excel. When not in the office, you will find Paul on a trail hiking, traveling across the country, or cheering for a sports team. Paul and his family live in Austin, Texas.

Daniel Zacceaus Davis

His zone of excellence is building businesses and helping investors grow their real estate hotel portfolios, however, he finds his greatest fulfillment in the realm of self-mastery! He enjoys pioneering efforts into the mastery of our internal realm, then integrating those efforts into the mastery our external realities. His core values of truth, freedom, and sovereignty are burning a desire in his heart to transfer those values, gain sovereignty over our lives, and impact the evolution of humanity in a more positive direction. “The more control you have over yourself, the less others have over you!”